Data is my passion!

My dream is to live a life with only the most relevant information. For example, I collect interesting articles from various news editors and put them in an AI model. This model tells me where my interests lie, gives me a summary of only the most interesting articles.

Data for business
Data is gold. But information is business changing. I turn the gold into valuable information, which can be viewed in real time and everywhere via a clear dashboard. During the day I create innovative data processing and data visualization solutions at Archin, each of which helps a team of users every day to do their work even better. For this I use: Power BI, SSIS, SSAS, Data Factory and Jet Data Manager.
Data for fun
Besides the fact that data is my passion, it is also my hobby. In my spare time I make everything from web shop comparators to smart homes that are driven by data. I pull out all the experimental techniques that my boss doesn't allow me to use. Each project consists of Python, MariaDB, OpenSearch, Redis and a Docker file.
System administration
As a former system administrator, I like a well-equipped server. Not in specifications, but in ease of management, security and reliability. My favorite tech stack is: Ubuntu Server, Flatpak, Docker Rootless.
Computer security & privacy
System administration and computer security go hand in hand. As a former system administrator, I can properly implement the entire process from server installation to security. For SSL at least Qualys A+, all management systems can only be reached via a VPN connection, backups are duplicated and encryption on both server and user level.